Grisha Divecha Gupta

If you see a girl at a Train Station / Bus Stop / Airport in Pajamas, holding a MacBurger, Grooving to tunes blowing out of her ear-phones, it’s probably just me…

Hey guys!

Here I am – Grisha Divecha, now Gupta because I’m married! An almost regular girl; 5 foot 3, Hindu from Mumbai with dreams typical to those of a 20-something…

Writing is probably the only way I’ve learned to emote & share experiences. Traveling, Dancing & Photography come as second nature to me so you’ll find not only life-shares but WanderLogues as well. Ex-dancer & Ex-choreographer by profession, I moved from the entertainment industry to event-ing to advertising and now found my place in Finance.

Wealth Manager by Day,
Wanabe Blogger by Night!

I’m most certainly not the hearts & flowers sort, I think I’m more dark & twisty than that. Chocolates are not my thing, but Spicy Cuisines.. Hell Yeah! Reading is exercise, Adrenaline is fuel, Music is oxygen & Dancing is Life!

That’s me in a nutshell.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog… Don’t forget to Vote or Like if you like! You can also hit the follow button to keep a tab on when I post something new, which is not yet too often though.

Loads of hearts, xxxs & ooos!


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    U emote beautifully jst like an angel knowin each n evry thought in the mind evry feelin in d heart….hs confrntd so much in such tiny period of age !!!
    M jst stuck in ur blog 😀😀
    Keep writin God bless u😇😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you.. I’m glad you liked it.. keep reading!


  2. Banisha says:

    I Loved every word here! :*


  3. legend… wait for it… keep waiting… 😛


    1. ThanQ Kurt!! :D:D


  4. Floyd says:



    1. Thank u Floydy!!!


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