Sorry Boss… Wrong Number!

*Tring Tring*
Me – “Hello?”
Universe – “Hi! This is the Universe speaking. Do you have a plan?”
Me – “Oh hey Universe! Yeah I do, for sure! I have it all under control…”
Universe – “Wow that’s just swell! I’m here to fuck it up for you! See you on the other side! Bye now!”

This is not a drill!
This is her life! Put it out, Now!
The Fire, you keep lighting…
And this is me, screaming from the fire, for her!

Every time she picks herself up
Every time she tries to piece it all together
Every time she thinks she has it all in place
You decide to tango in and screw it up?
Who gave you that right?
I want to know why you do what you do?
And for what joy?

Let me tell you,
For her there was no God
For her there was no Devil
All that was a myth, tales people told…
She believed in You
She put her faith in You
And every single time, You chose to test it

And now, because of You
She has no faith
She has no hope
She has no strength
To keep fighting on
To keep moving forward

Nothing inspires her anymore
Nothing jolts her creativity
She’s forgotten how to laugh,
How to skip or to dance
To write or to paint,
To joke or even to have fun!

So what if it’s not a disease
And so what if it’s not a sickness
It’s going to change everything
Nothing will ever be the same
Her dreams, plans and her reality
Are now shores apart…

She stands on this side of the sea
Staring into the horizon
Watching all her hopes & aspirations
Slip away, slowly, bit by bit,
Till she can see them no more…

Change is for those who are in need of it
Change is for those are looking for it
Not those that are unwilling
Definitely not for people like she!
Then, why force it on her?

Why does she have to compromise? … Always!
Why does she have to find another way? … Always!
Why does she have to alter her life? … Always!

But she will, coz she has to…
She will dust it off, coz she has to…
She will walk on, coz she has to…
She will smile, coz she has to…
And not because you didn’t leave her a choice!
It’s because she’s strong!
Her people make her strong…

She has those who push her,
To guide her, help her through it…
Every time she feels alone,
She turns to them…
And they are always there,
Taking it upon themselves
To clean up the messes you make!

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