This Night…

She felt, in that moment that their souls had crashed together and merged… Like every aspect of their minds, hearts, bodies and souls were bleeding together.

This night,
She stands in front of her mirror,
That big square reflection of her life,
Eyes on her eyes, hand touching her hand…
She feels alone, absent a lingering soul,
That feeling of you is no more…
Where are you?
Who are you?
Does she know you anymore?
Can she find you where you left her…
Will she see the smile you once wore?

She is in love with you,
She has been since you first shared a kiss….
She keeps going back to that night
It’s her only respite,
Those moments you shared,
With no burden to bear…
‘Coz now you want her gone, and
For you she tried to keep her distance,
She tried to keep away

But her heart is still in your hands
And she can’t remain at bay…
Somewhere in the shadows, she can hear the voices say
“You must fight for, if you live for, the man you have known a love for!”

She has searched for you, everywhere
In the real world, in the feigned
Amongst the book of names that she gained
She scouts for those very little signs,
The tan line of your watch,
The earring you craved to wear,
The ring she gave,
Or the clothes she gave,
A little glimpse of despair…
To show her you’re still there!

But nothing,
There’s just nothing, which she knows of you at all
Your hair is all different
Your clothes are all new
You’re not remotely you, the you she hoped to find
How could you be so unkind?
How could you take you away from her
The saccharine smell of your sweat,
The calm heat in your breath,
The man, her man in your voice,
The part of her spirit you snatched by choice…

Tell her, please tell her!
Does she deserve all of this?
Just say the words out loud,
Do you love her not forever more,
Do you want to touch her not till she’s sore,
Do you care for her not in your core,
Is she the future not what you have in store?
There is no question, no doubt in the world
Mistakes may be taking their toll,
Deceitful, devious, dishonest things
But nothing a heart-full of love cannot console…

When you were always at fault
To get past it all, she loved you enough
Then to give her the same in return,
Why is it so tough?
Are you any less human than she?
Or is your heart smaller than can be?
She thinks of you all the time…

She thinks of you as her magic,
She thinks of you as her tale so tragic,
Her story of love is a classic,
The typical touch of dramatic…
But this is what makes her panic,
The fate of an ending so erratic!

So what will it be dear?
Will you hold her to your heart so near,
Will you love her like you did before,
Or will you let the world win this war?
Speak up, speak it out, ‘coz she needs to know

She’s losing breath, she’s smiling though
Still doesn’t mean she’s ready to forego
She’ll fight for you till she can,
She’ll beg and plead till she can,
She’ll do everything she can for you
But the question is,
Will you do the same things too?

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  1. Beautifully written!!

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