Fade Away

He who doesn’t understand your silence, will never understand your words…

Hurt and pain, the poetic kind
Mere ideas and we, its creator
To describe that severe form of loss
When we lose what we held so dear
It is incapable of description
It is nothing but abstract
You can’t explain the nature of it
It is only but a fact…
It is that hole inside your being
That thing you lost has left
It is that suffocating vacuum
That leaves you behind bereft…
It moves us, centuries apart
From who we were and what we become
It over powers your senses
Till all you have is either rotting or numb…

You wish if you didn’t move, then time would just stand still
You wish the deepest darkest corners, would make you invisible
You wish if you weren’t seen, that people would completely forget
You wish if you sit without a sound for days, that you would cease to exist…
You’re not afraid of oblivion anymore
As was Augustus before he loved
‘Coz the only thing that matters is accepting
Perhaps you got what you deserved…


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