The Endless Tale

She woke up one gloomy day
Feeling as happy as can be
Everything was lovely
Everything complete
Cause lovingly caressing her was he
But, in her heart of hearts
In her mind of minds
She was aware this wasn’t here to last
She knew she was just a choice
And soon to be the one un-chosen
However ready she tried to be
The dread that followed was unspoken
And then that day
The D-day
The day when questions had to be stopped
The choice was made
And the obvious was picked
The even more obvious was dropped
With that her world came crashing down
Crashing down at a velocity that multiplied
Multiplied with every tear
Multiplied with every breath
Multiplied with every heartbeat
And everything she had ever known 
The uncertainty she had chosen
The hard life, the tough way through
Was all gone, the slate wiped clean
And she was lost
Her dreams crushed
Her heart ruined
Her soul wasted
And all that she could see was he
Everything else drew a blank
A painfully plain white blank
She sat there in silence
Wanting to be imperceptible
Tears defiantly trickling down her cheek
Betraying her show of strength
Body yelling out to her man 
To be embraced, to be comforted
But he watched
He watched and stared
Strong but scared
He watched her with love and pity
He watched her helplessly
He watched her cluelessly
And yet she sat there in silence
Consumed by the environment
The room where they made memories
The house she decorated as her own
The smells
The sounds
The emotions
She took them all in
Slowly, one at a time
Each fragment seeping in, burning and aching
Like a wounded animal in sea water
Left there to fend for itself
No one to see it defeated
No one to hear it yelp
No one to comfort it
Completely bruised, beaten, battered from head to toe
Until she knew not why she was still there
Stagnant in despair
Afraid, fearful of the unknown
Going back to the life she knew nothing of
Going back to what she had left behind
Every change he brought in her
Every new belief he inculcated
Every feeling she was newly introduced to 
It had to go
It had to be deconstructed
It had to become nonexistent again
Like a rewind to life
Like a deleted movie scene
Like it never happened at all
It was now time to leave
To say their goodbyes
To go off on paths which were already set
Right from the start 
Like they were just a temporary diversion
A happy break from their permanent mundane
And people would forget what they had
Cause that’s how it is
But they never will
They will hold on to it for dear life
Cause everything real, everything fortunate
Every ounce of happy they will ever know 
Was all in that break
Like a hungry beggar holding on to his only piece of bread
And they will feel the love they once shared
For as long as eternity
They will fondle they’re story like an adolescent
Cause they’re love is a story without an end...

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sahil says:

    Brilliantly written G…superb 🙂 :*


    1. Thanks so much Shrotri! Loadsa love :*


  2. Anonymous says:

    Superb! 🙂


  3. 😥 bloody brilliant! i wanna run n hug yu!


    1. Thank u sweetheart!! Love u :*


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