You’re my Shooting Star

Uh oh, I think I forgot your name… Can I call you Mine? And if you’ve forgotten my name as well, then you can call me Yours!

There came a point, an early stage in life
All hopes of falling in love, were dissected out with a knife..
All the wrong relationships and all the wrong men
They all taught me a million things

They made me who I am..
Call me what you want…
Thick skulled, Pig headed, Stone hearted or just chicken,
But my faith in true love and companionship
Had drastically started to weaken…

And then you made your grand entrance in the story
Swept me off my feet with your exquisiteness & glory,
I struggled with every ounce of energy to keep it casual
As time passed by, I learnt you were everything but the usual…

At every point in time,
You showed me that you were just like me
For every different way, in you, my soul I could see…
One honesty hour, one fine day, you said that you loved me,
And a whole tsunami of feelings came gushing into this sea…

I couldn’t keep you away any longer,
I couldn’t hold on, I couldn’t be any stronger…

I needed you, I wanted you, I ached for you all through
I knew that second, t’was a perfect match, me & you!

Every single day,
In your eyes I yearn a gaze, and see my true self
Your hands I want to hold, in their protection I want to dwell,
Your lips I want to kiss, posses the feeling of being just yours
Your heart I want to live in, my place, my home indoors
Your soul I want to make mine & love you forever more..

I’m not afraid anymore, no doubt in my mind,
You’d hold my hand throughout this life, you’d never leave me behind,
I know for sure, you’re the one for me
And I want you for eternity
This Valentine’s Day is a chance I’ll take
To thank you for every promise you make
To keep me happy, to care for me, to love me like your blind

And I promise to stand by you every day,
To love you from every inch of my soul, my heart, my mind!


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