Deep Wounds Seldom Heal

We are all a result of pain. Physical pain, mental pain, legacies of pain… That’s how we people evolve; we rise through the pain. It’s in our nature to subject ourselves to situations that hurt us, it could be a temporary superficial scratch or a permanent irreparable damage. This pain comes from the wounds that are etched onto our hearts, the same wounds that repeatedly weaken our soul. Some people succumb to the force of the hurt caused time and again… And the rest is history. But some of us can carry the weight of the pain on our spirits and still be strong enough to walk through everyday like it were a blessing to the shattering future we see crumbling down before our eyes… And after all the courage we show to wake up everyday and find the motivation to live through the quintessence of this ruthless bitch called life, it is excusable to be scared! Letting it out in the open or hiding it under a steel strong disguise is every human’s individual choice, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you embrace it then fear is followed by fight, apprehension is followed by conquer, fright is followed by freedom…

Not everybody is strong enough to talk, to vent, to express… Sometimes its the upbringing, sometimes its the moments we never want to relive, sometimes its the fear of rejection… We always hold back that what defines us, that what has shaped us into who we are today…  More so because the world is full of deceit! It’s filled with people telling us the adulterated truth or just plain blatant lies, it’s filled with people who through their journeys have learnt to ‘use, misuse & abuse’ those around them to walk ahead, to capitalize on fellow human’s weaknesses, to mock & to judge. This world, life and its journey from adolescence to maturity has drilled it in us to be scared. So we need to stop blaming those who have their defenses up all the while.. Instead we’d rather spend that energy trying to become the one who can climb through that barricade and see the vibrance of the True Entity who is kept hidden from prying eyes.

This brings me to today’s food for thought… Courage comes from doing what you are afraid of, there can be no courage unless you are scared!

Hence, Moral of the Story:

It’s good to be scared… it means you still have something left to lose… It teaches you the importance of protecting what you have and fighting to keep it. Those who are not scared, they feel nothing… They’re numb… They’re non-existent…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Now all that’s left is to do what you should have done long back. 😉
    Scoob ❤


    1. There’s nothing left to do except wake up and fight every single day till ur able to overcome it…


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