Hello Courage!

“Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s taking action despite fear!” – Alan Harper, Two and a Half Men, S5 – E1

It’s not easy, bringing down these walls
The hardest thing is letting you in
But you’re like this song in the wind,
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing,
Finding a way to get under my skin…

I want to lose originality
I’m scared to be myself
Afraid you’ll not like what you find
The deeper you start to delve…

I need to sit and sort my head
I need to fix my soul
For I can’t take any more chances
Can’t dig a deeper hole…

I sit in solidarity
Just me, myself and my thoughts
The farther I try to get away from you
The closer I seem to get…

I hear you calling out to me
I feel you wanting me close
But then there are times when I feel
Upon you, I’m just being imposed…

I’m confused,
I’m messed up,
I’m clueless,
I’m lost
And after I’m done feeling all that
I imagine myself digging into your arms
And everything starts to fade away
The only thing real and true that follows
Is the way I feel when I’m with you…

Every time I try to run away from this
You pull me back with a force stronger than me…

You always know when I’m thinking of you
Telepathically there when I’m lonely, scared & cold
I look to you as my light
Brightening up my everyday…

And even if you’re not there with me
Your mere existence makes me strong
Just your voice can give me Courage
To reach for each new day, with the faith you bring along!


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