Undying Gratitude

I wanted to do something special today. Something other than buying gifts/cards or making hearts out of newspapers & eggshells or putting together a life size collage. It’s MOTHER’S DAY and I have started writing blogs that not only I read, so I thought ‘a Poem would be good!’ I pondered over it for hours, but couldn’t even manage one line. Then I thought maybe a few un-rhyming stanzas… Again… No luck! I wondered the whole time ‘Why is it so difficult to do something as simple as pour out my feelings to a blank textbox and a cluelessly blinking cursor?’ and realised, ‘It is so because it has to be so.’ Sometimes the feelings are far more powerful than words, which fail to describe them!

Tonnes of people have written poems and books on Mothers but what defines a Mother to one may not be complete to another. A few words compiled can never describe the abundance of the word MOTHER. We all have a different way to look at our Moms_
For some they are God,
For some they are Angels,
For some they are Teachers,
For some they are Strength,
For some they are a Weakness,
For some unfortunate ones – only a credit card for their materialistic needs.

For me my Mother is a Spell – A dominating & irresistible influence over every part of my mind & body. She is a Fascination… an example of boundless courage, of mental power, of vigour, of patience, of endurance, of determination, of sacrifice, of perfection… It’s just amazing how many of the best qualities have been beautifully merged into one gorgeous Woman! She can walk around amidst a crowd with the stride of a conqueror & that is what amazes me! Someday maybe, I could try and mold myself into the same woman I know she would want me to be.

Since I cannot bring myself to trap what my Mamma means to me in a 300 x 150 textbox, without wasting more time & words, I will take this opportunity to Thank her immensely for being the most inspiring Role Model and for being with me through my stupidity & foolishness as well as my few good moments of glory, for always pushing me to leap beyond what I can see and for giving me strength in every step of my way.

Thank you for being the best mother one could’ve hoped for, Thank you for being YOU!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mamma with lots of Love!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Grisha D. says:

    Thank you Mamma!! I love u tons toooo!!


  2. Mamma says:

    Love you lots


  3. Mamma says:

    Thank you my pet, you are the love of my life, be there for you always, ups-downs-good times-and bad, Mamma'll always be by your side.


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