Le Soleil

The Sun is gone, but I still carry its light.

It rises every day,

Bright and glorious, shining upon the world majestically

Spreading its energy over & within every living being

The whole world revolves around it

My whole world revolves around it!

It gives me Hope of a brand new day

The conviction to leave the past in the past & welcome the fresh future

The strength to honour my choices, respect my decisions

The courage to smile to the world with a positive heart

It gives me light through every little way!

Too much of it can burn, leave scars, they’ll heal eventually

But if the everlasting marks are what you call tragedy,

Then give me tragedy, coz I never want to forget!

It may not always be good for me, may not always be best

But it is what I need to survive, to see what lies beyond.

But I pushed away the light of the sun for as long as I can remember

I hid under every shadow that came along the way

I was unaware! How much I needed it, how much I wanted it..

Didn’t realize that the absence of it

Can cause the kind of damage that is irreparable.

And now it’s gone, it set into the horizon, & I can’t bring it back

Its dark, its cold, its lonely, and its empty

I lay here waiting to sleep, to forget the pain

The Darkness seems unending, the hurt irreversible

But I shall not be discouraged, I will wait for Utopia!

The Sun is gone, but I will always carry its light.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Grisha D. says:

    haha.. let it come from the heart !!


  2. Grisha D. says:

    depends on the way you look at it..


  3. teach me how to blog…i dunno anethng 😦


  4. suraj hirani says:

    the sun is not gone its still there waiting at its place


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