That Long Walk

After what I would call : Light Years, I ended up doing something that I love to do. I’m sure I’ll last a month with This memory. It was an Early Sunday Morning (& when I say early I mean early; like 4.30 am!) Everything’s completely rush rush (coz I’m late as always), my friend (the organizer) waits for me in my living room while he’s frantically getting calls from others wanting to know “where the hell is the organizer?!” But luckily we made it to CST on time (coz I’m so good at it ‘ofcourse’! πŸ˜› & coz of our awesome droid application m-Indicator“).
Finally getting rid of my sleep, I started getting all charged up looking at everyone in their Trekking Gears and taking roll calls of the entire group, trying to make calls to those who were late & discussing why are those who are not coming, not coming! I was getting all nauseous coz I was meeting new people after such a long time, & I hate to admit that I was nervous to death!
Yes Duh! I know you’ve figured by now that this Sunday was Trek Sunday all the way to Kondana Caves (ie. 12kms from Karjat.) This Trek was being organized by the Youth For United World (YFUW) Foundation for the purpose of collecting funds to contribute for social & charitable causes. I feel honored to have been able to be a part of something like this.
It was a fun journey 4 kms up to the Caves which actually is a depiction of the ancient lifestyle of Buddhist Monks. The Kondana caves are cut out from a single rock situated at the bottom of a giant waterfall. The structure is amazing with lots of detail carved into the rock. Being a tourist attraction, it has also become a home for litter. So me and a bunch of a few others got out our plastics bags and started collecting some of the crap the other fools make!!
We found a place in the caves to set up our ‘non existent’ camp. We clicked tons of pictures, even scandalizing ones (which I’m not gona upload out of fear that Blogger might just ban me) & gobbled up our packed lunches after what we call an easy trek. We played various games, dirty games like CoffeePot, ‘Whats yours like?’ (where I happened to deliberately describe the poky nature of my armpit at the time :P:P!) We also played Follow the Leader (which is highly confusing) & ended our afternoon session with ‘The Mafia’ (where the villagers wanted to perpetually kill me coz they think the cutest face makes the deadliest, although they were right, I was the Mafia!)

Now it was a hot summery winters day, so obviously the beauty of the place wasn’t exactly pouncing into our faces. For those who wish to visit, kindly keep in mind that the main attraction of this trek is the caves hidden away behind the waterfalls & hence Monsoon is the best time to trek here. The rains also fill the river which allows you do ‘River crossing’ on a rope (tons of fun, trust me!)

Luckily for 5 of us who were always in the end clicking pictures, one of the girls in the group got a Sun stroke, hence separating us from the rest of the group. We took refuge under the shade from a Beautiful Mango Tree for a while. As we started moving again, we realized that the path was becoming next to non-existent and suddenly we’re making our own little way through thorny trees (which was totally screwing up my pretty little Reebok jacket), lots of grass (due to which I fell 3 times) and some muck (which our guide called the source of water… Yeah right!)

We ended up having our own little adventure. Getting chased by cows & bulls, screaming out “Help! Is anyone there?” signals, nearly desert walking experience without water and having some major mirages, clicking dramatic pictures with cactus plants & barren land, climbing out of barricades to get to the main road, stopping at a villagers house & drinking sweet water out of a pot, playing with their flea filled doggies, hiking a ride from a village tempo to the main city… I can’t even begin to explain how much fun the ‘Getting Lost’ part really was!!
All in all, it was a brilliant day, completely fun-filled! Too bad the rest of the group had a hard time sitting on their behinds waiting for the 5 of us. I’m sure their experience wasn’t nearly as awesome as ours!

Finally we reached the Karjat station, completely exhausted, rushed into the train to find us some window seats, plugged our ears with music to rid the annoying chatter of the people around and SLEPT till our feet touched home ground!
In the end, this Trek was the best thing one could do on a Sunday. Truly, a Sunday Trek is an excellent way to unwind after a Stressful week. But it has left me thinking, who exactly was that cow chasing and why???

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Grisha D. says:

    I know right!! evil lill brats.. ol o em!! but fun tyms!! :D:D


  2. Grisha D. says:

    Im so glad!! πŸ˜€ thank u!


  3. Grisha D. says:

    Rubbish!! i told u everything!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I m not a big fan of writers but reading yor blog made me fall for u a fan of u


  5. Anonymous says:

    Grisha's defence against claims of her being the mafia: " whaa how cud wittle innocent face like this be the mafia>>>> (makes puss in boots eyes and).. do u guys wanna vote me mafia??? 😦 "Guys: YESSSSS!!!!muaaa lovely grisha!!!!elaine


  6. Mamma says:

    Too good pet, loved your blog, albeit i got all the news from here rather than from the horse's mouth!!! ;-)You sure did have a great time, and I am mighty happy for you πŸ™‚


  7. Grisha D. says:

    Heeeeee!! I agree!!!


  8. Pressie says:

    Awesome! You should do this more often, aye ?!


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