The Fat Story

Skinny girls complaining about their NON-EXISTENT body flab should be a criminal offence!

I know this is a “what kind of a start is this to a blog post?” kinda statement but to be honest, although I’m a happy 44kgs right now, I wasn’t always like this. Rummaging through most of my old pictures, I assure, a lot of hidden truths can be uncovered. And this is precisely why I cannot bare to hear those Boney Gurls complain about their so called FAT!

I was a chubby baby, a chubby teenager and the chubbiest dancer for as long as I can remember. I always ate everything that looked yummy as well as everything that didn’t (well not exactly everything).. I succumbed to every sinful craving I ever had.. I stuffed all the leftovers down like a dustbin afraid that my gun shot tempered uncle might start throwing fits if I didn’t.. I had a mega sweet tooth.. I fed my tummy when I was Happy, I fed it even when I was sad, Hell! I also fed it when I was tensed or even excited!

Well what do I say; I was a Lean, Mean Eating Machine!

Then one day, I met a boy, a skinny boy. We fell in.. uhmmm.. what do you call it?.. Love, I guess. (WHATEVA), but he was like a dream come true! Thin and beautiful!! I had to do something, something to be able to stand beside him, something to allow other people say “wow what a beautiful couple!”, something that would make him wana show me off (not that he didn’t already!)

I mean isn’t it obvious?
He was thin; I was fat
He was gorgeous; I was a lump of shit
He was the most graceful dancer; I was a baby elephant dancer!
He had abs; I had flabs
He could romp around with confidence; I always stayed in, out of conscience
There’s no 2 doubts I had to do something about my body!

Somehow there was a change in me (which didn’t happen in so many years, so many boys, so many embarrassing moments, so much teasing).. a Sudden Reformation! I had this unknown motivation that kicked me in the butt everytime I gave up & sat down. I fixed myself a set of rules and followed them rigidly. I turned into a Maniacal Anorexic!

Lost 20kgs in 6 months & became a Bomb (not my words though :P) through pure Inspiration from an extremely good looking Boy!

Basically, the point being…… This post is for_

A. All those over weight hotties (from the inside) to tell em that in order to lose weight (which is very difficult to do if you’ve always been like that) you need Inspiration, you need a Motivating Factor. Could be a wedding or a photoshoot or a business arrangement you represent or a dress you want to fit in or to impress or for a boy or simply to be able to update awesome profile pictures on Facebook and get a 100 likes 😛

I’ve seen a lot of girls go into depression & live miserable lives coz of a few extra pounds (Been there, done that). But don’t let the excess flab weigh you down! Find yourself a reason to aspire, something you know will push you to achieve!

B. All those skinny bitches (including me) who unnecessarily cry bout their weight (this goes for me too) because remember not everyone is lucky enough to have a body like you without working towards it (this part is not for me, duh!). Be happy with what you are, be thankful for who you are!
Anyway! That’s all from me for now. Until we meet next, Toodles! And Bon (Healthy) Appetite!!

Ps.: Ironically Mr. Inspiration & I broke up after I lost all that weight & built bigger dreams he couldn’t help achieve. Don’t let that happen to you. Stay grounded & Stay Happy!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lifeandcity says:

    awww, my ex-gf needs to read this post asap! xD


  2. Grisha D. says:

    I'm glad you felt that way.. Thank u!


  3. kariations says:

    inspirational and thought provoking indeed…. ! 🙂 ….


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