The Idea of Love!

Years of being in relationship“s” and endless experiences tend to make you sit down and ponder ‘WHY?

Why the relationships?
Why those men?
Why that time?

I mean I’m at my prime! I’m 22 and I have every right to enjoy life.. Going out, rash driving, partying hard, drinking till I puke, dancing my ass to bits.. It’s my time to Swag! And yet, every time I vow never to set my heart in another relationship, I end up landing myself in one. Well of course I’m committed and all, but in no time I’m already dragging my way through completing boring months and tedious years! Then why be in a relationship? “I guess its bout time we retrospect.”

(Boy is this gona be awkward!) Well, the truth is… It’s not the Boy I Love, It’s the Idea of Love that I Love!

The part where someone is always there for me, someone who holds my hand, someone who owns every part of me, someone who will always protect me, someone who will hold me close and kiss my lips, someone who will do anything for me, be anyone for me. Someone whose eyes are constantly fixated on me in a crowd, someone who is always looking out for me, someone who is ready to hear me out when I need to burst out blabbing, someone whose shoulder feels like a pillow to sleep on or to cry on, someone whose arms can be my warm blanket on a cold night, someone who is happy just knowing that I’m happy. Someone who I would want to take to a family dinner, someone who I want to sleep holding, someone whose face I can wake up to, someone who I can perform all the boring Hindu ceremonies of Marriage with, someone whose kids I want to have, someone who I want to grow old with, someone whose hand I’ll hold while I breath my last. Ok..! Very farfetched…

So getting back to the point… these are just dreams. A relationship that you can only hope or aspire to be in. And as Sean Kingston sings, “Hope is a River where dreams are afraid to be real.

In the end, it all boils down to the real world, where lie a million obstacles to see to it that your dreams of such a simple relationship only remain a dream. Life is all about Complications. However simple you try to keep it, there’s gona be no way it can ever remain that crystal clear.

Inspite of all this, we still end up getting in relationships all cause of the Rosy days and Cozy nights.

Is it worth it? All the time, all the sacrifices, all the compromises, all the fights?
Hell yeah it’s worth it! It’s a no brainer. When you see that special someone smile, hug you, kiss your forehead and say “I Love You” and you knows he’s thinking ‘more then you can ever imagine’, it’s all worth every bit of everything!!

So till the time we figure out the Godforsaken Complications… let’s just spend our time productively, by Spreading Love 😀 😉



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Grisha D. says:

    teehee!! thank u!! :))


  2. kariations says:

    My point exactly… Im glad theres a happy ending 🙂 to your blog .. bravo darling .. dripping in sincerety….. well written 🙂


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